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Somebody Up There Digs Me
miniature LPPNY_4509
(1VINYL+1CD)By the time Louis Jordan’s first LP was released in 1957 he already had 25 years as a professional musician under his belt. This is not to say that he was over the hill, on the contrary, he was well seasoned and in his prime. Somebody Up There Digs Me is filled with stellar reworkings of many of his jump blues classic from “Caledonia” to “Is You Is Or Is You Ain't Ma Baby”, “Let The Good Times Roll” to “Ain't Nobody Her But Us Chickens”. Recorded in NYC in 1956 with arrangements from a young Quincy Jones and guitar work from the legendary Mickey “Guitar” Baker, Somebody Up There Digs Me is a sophisticated and swinging set that’s still sure to keep your feet moving. Reissued by Penny Records in a deluxe 140 gram LP version with a bonus CD of the album. Side A: A1 Caldonia A2 Is You Is Or Is You Ain't Ma Baby A3 Run Joe A4 Early In The Morning A5 Choo Choo Ch Boogie A6 Knock Me A Kiss  Side B: B1 Let The Good Times Roll B2 Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying B3 Beware Brother Beware B4 I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town B5 Salt Pork West Virginia B6 Ain't Nobody Her But Us Chickens Prix €

An Dan - Gaelic Songs for a Modern World
miniature ARC_2737
(1 CD)
A spellbinding album of songs of love and loss, nature and nurture, war and peace, spiritual and temporal, refracted through the linguistic prism of the Gaelic language and soul. Most of all they are songs of present and future. Multiple award-winning artist and BBC celebrity Mary Ann Kennedy presents her first solo album, a spellbinding and enchanting album of songs of love and loss, nature and nurture, war and peace, spiritual and temporal, refracted through the linguistic prism of the Gaelic language and soul. Booklet with extensive information in English and Gaelic. 1. Seinn, Horo, Seinn (Sing!) - 4:55 We’ll sing your songs of love and glory, but our own hearts’ music too. 2. Oran do dh’Iain Domhnallach (Song for John MacDonald) - 5:54 Fallen, far from friends, family and home. 3. Mise Fhuair (I Have Won the Apple) - 3:29 You are the apple that brought me sweetness beyond hope. 4. Sith na Coille (Forest’s Peace) - 5:54 The path matters as much as the destination. 5. Eadar-Thir (Between-Land) - 3:11 Between the two: edge of creation and heart of the world. 6. Dan Ur do Fhloraidh NicNill (A New Song for Flora MacNeil) - 3:58 How we should pick life’s delicate flowers - carefully. 7. Taigh an Uillt - 3:33 Beneath Cruachan’s shelter, find peace, kindness and love. 8. Iain Againn Fhin (Our Own John) - 3:57 The little bullet’s whistle, with your destiny in its lead. 9. Gradh Geal Mo Chridhe (My True Love) - 5:03 It was you gave me my place, anchor and haven. 10. Air Leathad Sleibhe (On a Hill-land Slope) - 4:40 The sun rising, my heart rising, the dew rising from grass and tree. 11. Grioglachan (Constellation) - 4:35 Midnight: a new star in the firmament, gentle in its flickering. Total playing time: 47:41 min. All tracks composed and arranged by Mary Ann Kennedy. Prix €

Alice GOMEZ & Jessita REYES
Sacred Wind - Native American Flute
miniature ARC_2738
(1 CD)
Sacred Space, Star Watcher, Earth Sense, Medicine Sleep Spirit… are some of the haunting and meditative themes on this relaxing and spiritual album. Flute with sounds of birds, wind, thunder, rain… played solo, in duets or with instrumental accompaniments. 1. Magic Melody - Jessita Reyes - 2:07 2. Sacred Space - Alice Gomez - 3:11 3. Morning - Jessita Reyes - 3:15 4. Star Watcher - Alice Gomez - 4:03 5. Bass Flute Lullaby - Jessita Reyes - 3:06 6. Earth Sense - Alice Gomez - 3:28 7. Escape - Jessita Reyes - 3:21 8. Thanksgiving - Alice Gomez – 4:31 9. Medicine Sleep Spirit - Jessita Reyes - 7:27 10. Turquoise Beads - Alice Gomez - 3:45 11. Cycle - Jessita Reyes - 3:13 12. Red Sky - Alice Gomez - 3:28 13. Lullaby Totem - Jessita Reyes - 8:07 14. Peace Pole - Alice Gomez - 4:11 15. Night - Jessita Reyes - 2:57 16. Nature Walk - Alice Gomez - 4:37 Total playing time: 65:36 min. All tracks by Alice Gomez composed and arranged by Alice Gomez All tracks by Jessita Reyes composed and arranged by Jessita Reyes Prix €

Latin Dance Music
miniature ARC_2739
(1 CD)
The Latin Sextet was founded in the 1990s. Its members, all of them seasoned musicians, hail from Brazil, Chile and Germany. In their music, they combine Latin American tradition with European and American styles. The six-piece band presents folkloristic melodies e.g. from Brazil or Cuba, driven by Brazilian/Cuban rhythms fused with jazzy harmonies. – Enjoy! 1. Hasta encontrarnos (J. Calquin/C. Ulbricht) - 5:14 2. Theodor (J. Calquin/C. Ulbricht) - 5:42 3. Salsa sentimental (J. Calquin/C. Ulbricht) - 4:39 4. Mi tierra (Gloria Estefan) - 4:41 5. 2-2 b in (Mo Jonas Dasilva) - 4:03 6. Don Mau (Mo Jonas Dasilva) - 4:33 7. Preludio y partita (J. Calquin/C. Ulbricht) - 7:20 8. Zebra (Mo Jonas Dasilva) - 6:12 9. Sabor a mi (Carrillo/Ithier) - 3:08 Total playing time: 45:58 min. Prix €

Music From the South Pacific
miniature ARC_2740
(1 CD)
Rousing and intricate rhythms from log drums and shark-skin drums, as well as romantic ukulele melodies from the beautiful islands of Tahiti. Extensive information about the group, Tahitian dances and each of the pieces plus many colourful photos in the booklet. 1. Haere mai (trad.) - 2:45 2. Tiare (Steeve Graham / Kawohi Prince, Eddie Lund / Ed. Criterion Manuiti) - 2:45 3. Takirikiri o te manu (Eddie Lund / Ed. Criterion Manuiti) - 1:35 4. Mori tutui - vaitavatava (trad.) - 2:30 5. Purotu no te hura (Tamariki Poerani) - 2:34 6. Tahiti here (Samuel Maitui) - 3:08 7. Haapura (trad.) - 1:35 8. Haere mai na (Love Song: Mutiny on the Bounty; N. Kaper / Y. Roche / Miller Music Corp / United Artists) - 2:59 9. Pahu e (Moana Mariassouce / Ed. Here Recording) - 2:02 10. Purotu (trad.) - 2:20 11. Iaora Tahiti here (trad.) - 2:22 12. Te poe nei au / Aue tangi (trad., Eddie Lund / Ed. Criterion Manuiti) - 2:29 13. Centenaire (trad.) - 2:46 14. Fetia i te po (Emile Tehuafilo) - 2:10 15. Ua nehenehe / Tiare e (Yves Roche /Ed. Criterion Manuiti) - 2:41 16. Tapu taro (trad.) - 2:02 17. Ua faaroo vau / Ua hee (trad., Maeva Bougues) - 4:11 18. Ruru - oviri (trad.) - 2:38 19. Noha (Louis Mamatui / Ed. Alphonse) - 3:07 20. Otea tamahine (trad.) - 3:27 Total playing time: 53:09 min. Prix €

miniature ARC_2741
(1 CD)
The sounds of the bouzouki conjure up glorious summer warmth from Greece. Enjoy rembekitos and syrtakis by the Athenians, songs from Crete by Romiosini, pieces by Mikis Theodorakis, and melodies from the Aegean islands and original compositions by Michalis Terzis, one of the most prominent Greek composers today. 1. MICHALIS TERZIS: The Dance of Captain Michalis (M. Terzis) - 2:58 2. THE ATHENIANS: Hassaposerviko (trad., arr. Polychronis / Smirnios) - 1:55 3. THE ATHENIANS: Ftochojitonies (D. Polychronis) - 2:30 4. MICHALIS TERZIS: A Mermaid on the Boat (M. Terzis) - 2:57 5. THE ATHENIANS: Mastro Vassilis (K. Smirnios) - 2:59 6. THE ATHENIANS: Tsiminiera (M. Loizos) - 3:04 7. MICHALIS TERZIS: Proino Astro (M. Terzis) - 2:36 8. THE ATHENIANS: I Balanda Tou Andrea (M. Theodorakis) - 2:55 9. ROMIOSINI: Matia San Ke Ta Dika Soy (M. Hadjiloizou) / Psaropoyla (trad.) - 4:59 10. MICHALIS TERZIS: Athina (M. Terzis / S. Sklavounakos) - 3:46 11. MICHALIS TERZIS: Aivaliotikos, Zeibekikos Dance (trad., arr. M. Terzis) - 3:45 12. THE ATHENIANS: M’ena Tsigaro (K. Smirnios) - 4:13 13. THE ATHENIANS: Vracho - Vracho (M. Theodorakis / D. Christodoulou) - 2:56 14. MICHALIS TERZIS: Near the Sea (M. Terzis) - 3:04 Total playing time: 45:20 min. Prix €

Caribbean Tropical Dance
miniature ARC_2742
(1 CD)
This cheerful and upbeat album carries Caribbean sunshine in its songs. They originate from the numerous islands scattered in the Caribbean Sea between Cuba and Trinidad. Chilean-born multi-instrumentalist Pablo Cárcamo utilises many different sound sources to include percussion of Afro-Caribbean provenance, guitars and keyboards, creating music of sparkling colour and texture. 1. Maremare (M. Loubet/E. Murat/C. Cabrera/P. Cárcamo) - 2:33 2. Quitate el zapato (J. A. Beetar) - 2:46 3. Quiero un sombrero (P. Cardenas) - 3:21 4. Chapa'lante Catalina (M. Loubet/C. Cabrera) - 3:07 5. Caracoles de colores (A. Velasquez) - 3:22 6. Tan bella y tan presumida (R. Friarte/Agamez) - 2:40 7. El pescador (J. Barros) - 2:31 8. Villa Carino (H. V. Cruz/M. Loubet/E. Schjthan) - 2:13 9. Neati (P. Carcamo) - 5:16 10. Solo quedo (H. Osorio/H. Rojas) - 2:35 11. Yo no bailo con Juana (C. Ferrer) - 2:06 12. Justiniana (E. Cagnoli/M. Loubet/M. Castellón) - 2:26 13. La casita blanca (C. Cabrera/M. Loubet/M. Castellón) - 2:16 14. Suave (P. Carcamo) - 4:56 15. Mensaje de mi Colombia (C. Cabrera/M. Loubet) - 4:04 16. La cosecha de mujeres (J. M. Penaranda) - 1:56 17. Fantasia caribena (P. Carcamo) - 5:00 18. La piragua (M. Castellón/Morales) - 3:52 19. Canto latinoamericano (M. Castellon/Morales) - 3:11 20. Comparsa tu babalu (M. Castro) - 2:16 21. Sol y arena (P. Carcamo) - 4:11 22. Ojalá que llueva café (J. Luis Guerra) - 4:02 23. Kike (P. Carcamo) - 3:50 Total playing time: 75:19 min. Prix €

 CUBA - Various Artists
Best of Cuba
miniature ARC_2743
(1 CD)
Best of Cuba - Luis Frank, Soneros de Verdad, Mayito Rivera, Rudy Calzado, César Pedroso… Fifteen rousing and very danceable Cuban songs in the best tradition of ‘Buena Vista’ with some of the old guard as well as the younger generation of ‘post Buena Vista’ Cuba – the names listed above say it all! 1. El sonero del barrio soy magou - Tumbao Cubaçao (Arnell Salsbach) - 5:51 2. Son pa’ Shakira - Mayito Rivera (Mario Mayito Rivera) - 5:10 3. Estoy pegado - Combinación Latina Salsa (Rafael A Borrego Peña) - 5:16 4. Harley Davidson de Cuba - Mayito Rivera (Mario Mayito Rivera) - 5:33 5. Mi novio - Combinacion Latina Salsa (Rafael A Borrego Peña) - 3:59 6. Amanecer - Roberto Santamaria (Joe Gallardo) - 7:13 7. Linda alborada - Soneros de Verdad (Rudy Calzado) - 6:47 8. Pianismo - Rubén Gonzales Jr. (Elsa Torres) - 4:04 9. Reunión de cantores - Tiburón Morales (Eduardo 'Tiburon' Morales) - 4:44 10. Te molesta que sea feliz - Pupy y Los que Son Son (César 'Pupy' Pedroso) - 3:31 11. Son de la madrugada - Orquesta Termidor (Adalberto Alvarez) - 4:25 12. Que bueno suena este piano - Rubalcaba & César Pedroso (Nicolas Sirgado) - 4:45 13. Perfecta combinación - Soneros de Verdad (Luis Frank Arias) - 5:35 14. Que seca mas brava - Soneros de Verdad (Juan De La Cruz Antomachin Padilla) - 3:51 15. Mi melodia - Calle Real (Patricio Sobrado) - 5:17 Total playing time: 76:34 min. Prix €

Swingin’ Calypsos
miniature LPPNY_4508
(1VINYL+1CD)LORD FLEA & HIS CALYPSONIANS One of the absolute legends of calypso and mento music, Lord Flea released only this lone LP before succumbing to Hodgkin's Disease in 1959. Though he didn’t even make it to the age of 30, the Jamaican native was an international superstar during the late 50s “Calypso craze”, with residencies at nightclubs from Las Vegas to Manhattan to Miami, his image gracing the pages of Life Magazine, and appearances on The Perry Como Show and in several feature films. Harry Belafonte even had a major hit with his interpretation of Lord Flea’s “Shake Shake Senora”. Swingin’ Calypsos is an all-time Caribbean classic, and is sure to get you to “jump in the line and rock your body in time”. Reissued by Penny Records in a deluxe 140 gram LP version with a bonus CD of the album.  Side A:  1. Shake Shake Sonora 2. Shi-Du-Bi-Du-Bab 3. Bachelor's Life 4. I Can't Cross Over 5. Out De Fire 6. Mister, Give Me De Rent  Side B:  1. Monkey 2. Donkey Bray 3. Calypso Be Bop 4. Run, Run, Run 5. Magic Composer 6. Naughty Little Flea Prix €

miniature LPRRS_021
Originally released on venerable Posh Boy Records in 1981, and reissued on the legendary UK label No Future to support their ever-growing European fan base, the "CH3" EP started the long and twisted career of one of the longest running bands among the prime movers of California Punk Rock. Hailing from the thriving community of Cerritos, whose frantic rhythms provided a natural soundtrack for boredom and outrageous alcohol abuse, Channel 3 were was formed by friends-since-third-grade Mike Magrann and Kim Gardener in 1980. Even though after their 'CH3' 12" and the seminal "Fear Of Life" LP the band kept moving towards a more technical approach, experimenting with other forms of music, their early production remains an archetype of young, angry, desperate suburban California punk rock. This enhanced reissue on Radiation also features their "I'll Take My Chances" 7", tracks from compilations, as well as the group’s 'lost' anthem: "Indian Summer". File next to: Adolescents, Black Flag, TSOL and Social Distortion. Side A:  Manzanar, Mannequin, I've got A Gun, Waiting in the Wings, Wetspots.  Side B:  I'll Take My Chances, How Come, Indian Summer, Separate Peace, You Make Me Feel Cheap. Prix €

Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck The Lot Of You!
miniature LPRRS_022
Aimed at shocking and insulting everyone, playing the rawest, most obnoxious and out of tune punk rock ever heard until then, and using the world 'fuck' more than any other band before, Chaotic Dischord formed in Bristol in 1981 with a mission to spoof and parody the pointlessness of all the generic second-wave mohawk-punk acts that had recently signed to Riot City. Ironically, they became one of the label's best-selling acts. This "enhanced" version of their groundbreaking first LP comes complete with their whole second studio effort, the hyper rare "Don't Throw It All Away" 12", originally on Riot City from 1984, adding up to a total of 24 pure "UK82" bullets! Side A:  Fuck Religion Fuck Politics Fuck The Lot Of You!, Punk Aggression, City Claustrophobia, Boy Bill, Wild Mohicans, S.O.A.H.C., Sound Of Music, Cider 'N' Dogs, Destroy Peace & Freedom, Boring Bastards, Shadow, Anti-Christ, '77 In '82 (What's It Got To Do With You?)  Side B:  And There Wuz Cows, Alternative Culture, Loud, Tuneless And Thick, Rock & Roll Swindle, Don't Throw It All Away, Stab Your Back, Sausage Beans & Chips, Who Killed ET?, 22 Hole Doc. Martens, Anarchy In Woolworths, Batcave Benders Meet The Alien Durex Machine. Prix €

We’re Not Equal
miniature LPRRS_026
Formed in 1978 by David Corboy, senior citizen in Northwest punk rock, (who had been playing in bands since 1963!), Portland's KBD punk legends SADO-NATION released their groundbreaking debut EP in 1980, and switched right after to a faster and tighter hardcore punk mostly thanks to the addition of the singer Mish Bondage to the band. Voted best female voclaist by Flipside in 1984, Mish's frightening stage presence and meaningful lyrics, gave Corboy's compositions a new twist, which resulted in one of the most hidden treasures of American 80's Hardcore Punk history. SADO-NATION first lp, originally released on the Brainstem label in 1982, is now legitimately reissued on vinyl for the first time in 30 years, thanks to Radiation Records and the original band members. After years of struggle and despair, hundreds of punk record collections can now be easily completed. Side A: 1. Messed Up Mixed Up 2. Armageddon 3. We're Not Equal 4. Don't Bother Me 5. Nuke Up Now !  Side B: 1. On The Wall 2. Fight Back 3. Industrial Revolution 4. Politics & Passion 5. Cut Off The Cord 6. No Use 7. Johnny Paranoid Prix €

The Singles Collection
miniature LPRRS_030
Disorder are a hardcore punk band formed in 1980 in Bristol, and still going strong today.The Singles Collection compiles their first and fieriest recordings in one place; comprised of 3 7” EPs and the 8 track 12” EP Perdition - recordings which John Peel allegedly referred to as sounding like “shit” (possibly a compliment) - this LP of long out of print recordings would be a welcome addition to any punk collector’s shelves. Another essential piece of the UK punk puzzle reissued by Radiation. Side 1: 1. Todays World 2. Violent Crime 3. Complete Disorder 4. Insane Youth 5. You’ve Got To Be Someone 6. More Than Fights 7. Daily Life 8. Rampton Song 9. Provocated War 10. Bullshit Everyone Side 2: 1. 3 Blind Mice 2. Buy I Gurt Pint 3. Stagnation 4. Life 5. Out Of Order 6. Condemned 7. Media 8. Suicide Children 9. Preachers 10. Remembranse Day Prix €

The Last Call...
miniature LPRRS_033
Formed in Derbyshire, in early 1978 by vocalist Martin Roper and guitarist Dugi Bell, Anti-Pasti were one of the big names of the 1980-1982 wave of UK punk, lagging only slightly behind The Exploited, GBH, and Discharge in terms of sales and leather-jacketed endorsements. Their debut album, which reached #31 on the UK charts, was originally released on the Rondelet label in 1981. That classic LP is faithfully reproduced here on vinyl with the addition of 4 bonus tracks from their first single, 1980’s ‘Four Sore Points’. A milestone in UK political punk! Side A:  1. No Government 2. Brew Your Own 3. Another Dead Soldier 4. Call The Army 5. City Below 6. 24 Hours 7. Night Of The Warcry 8. Freedom Row 9. St. George (Gets his gun) Side B:  1. The Last Call 2. Ain’t Got Me 3. Truth And Justice 4. Hell 5. I Wanna Be Your Dog 6. 1980 7. Something New 8. Two Years Too Late 9. Let Them Free Prix €

The Punk Singles Collection
miniature LPRRS_035
Formed in 1978 in the smalltown of Peacehaven by Del Strangefish and Pete Bywaters, Peter & The Test Tube Babies have been one of the most representative and longest running UK OI! bands ever. Unlike most bands of this ilk, their line-up remained pretty stable through the years, mostly thanks to Peter and Del never giving up the ghost. This unique collection gathers together the A and B sides from the Test Tubes early, most successful years starting with their 1982 debut single on the legendary No Future label, up to their later hits on Jungle and Trapper Records ending 1985. This essential collection provides a close look at the band’s peak, and includes the UK Indie Chart hits “Banned From The Pubs” (#10), “Run Like Hell” (#2), “Zombie Creeping Flesh” (#2), “Blown Out Again” (#40), “Wimpeez” (#8) and “Keys Of The City” (#14). Side A: 1. Banned From The Pubs 2. Moped Lads 3. Peaceheaven Wild Kids 4. Run Like Hell 5. Up Yer Bum 6. Zombie Creeping Flesh 7. No Invitation 8. Smash And Grab 9. The Jinx 10. Trapper Ain’t Got A Bird Side B: 1. Wimpeez 2. Never Made It 3. Blown Out Again 4. Rotting In The Fart Sack 5. Ten Deadly Sins 6. Spirit Of Keith Moon 7. Boozanza 8. Alcohol Prix €

miniature LPRRS_053
Probably the first experiment in mixing hardcore attitude with OI! songwriting ever made within the UK punk movement, ATTAK were born as a four piece in New Mills in 1981, but immediately reversed to a trio when their singer left for school commitments and released two incredible singles on the No Future label in this form, right before recruiting a new guitarist and record ‘Zombies’, who came out in 1983 on the same label. Known for featuring Mackie from BLITZ’s sister on drums, (and sounding A LOT like his band!), ATTAK definitely split up in late 1983. This criminally underrated classic gets reissued on vinyl for the first time since 1983 with his original artwork and fully remastered. Side A 1. Daga I 2. Daga II 3. This Is The Time 4. Play The Ace 5. See You In Hell 6. Big Brother SIde B 7. Zombies 8. Demon 9. Trail Of Terror 10. Face The Slayer 11. Young And Proud 12. Wild Thing Prix €

A Way Of Life: Skinhead Anthems
miniature LPRRS_059
The Last Resort's debut album is an unrelenting piece of UK Oi!, absolutely essential to any fan of the genre. Originally released in 1982, the band wears their influences on their sleeves, from Sham 69 to The Cockney Rejects, but that doesn't take away from their own searing originality. Blazing through 11 originals, The Last Resort are UK Oi! at its finest and an essential addition to any real punk collection. Side A: A1 Freedom A2 Skinheads In Stapress A3 Rebels With A Cause A4 King Of The Jungle A5 We Rule O.K. A6 Changing  Side B: B1 Lionheart B2 Rose Of England B3 Violence In Our Minds B4 Resort Boot Boys B5 Red White And Blue Prix €

Chronic Generation
miniature LPRRS_064
Formed in 1978 in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, Chron Gen released their classic ‘Puppets of War’ EP in 1981 and immediately reached number 4 in the indie chart, which gained them the invitation to join the infamous Apocalypse tour in the summer of 1981, along with Discharge, Anti Pasti, Anti Nowhere League, and the Exploited. After a second single on the Step Forwards label, they moved to the legendary SECRET label to release one of the best hidden treasures of the whole UK82 movement, their debut LP ‘Chronic Generation’, according to how All Music defines it “one of the most brilliantly brittle concoctions in the entire Oi! canon!” Side A: 1. Lies 2. Jet Boy Jet Girl 3. Hounds Of The Night 4. LSD 5. You Make Me Spew 6. Chronic Generation Side B: 7. Mindless 8. You'll Never Change Me 9. Rocka'Bill 10. Friends Tell Me Lies 11. Reality 12. Living Next Door To Alice Prix €

Scandal In A Brixton Market
miniature LPRRS_068
As the sixties came to a close, Laurel Aitken was firmly established as Britian's favourite Jamaican performer, enormously popular with members of both the country's West Indian ex-pat communities and its rapidly growing Reggae-loving Skinhead population. Unsurprisingly, competition to gain rights to his works among the country's leading Jamaican music companies was fierce and often bitter, so when, early in 69, Pama Records acquired his signature, the achievement was rightly regarded as a major coup by the London-based operation. Over the weeks that immediately followed, Laurel duly provided Pama with a number of best-selling singles, and while single artist compilations by Jamaican artists were still considered a rarity, such was the demand for the singer's music the company wasted little time in issuing a long-playing collection:Scandal In Brixton Market. Featuring a handful of previously released sides along with seven recordings exclusive to the collection, the LP also featured guest appearances from two of the UK's most popular Jamaican acts, Girlie and celebrated trombonist, Rico Rodriquez. A must-have collection for all Reggae fans,Scandal In Brixton Market quickly sold out at stores the length and breadth of the country, and over the years that have followed it has become increasingly scarce. It is therefore with great pleasure that some 45+ years after its original release, Radiation Reissues is able to present it again on vinyl.  Side A:  A1 Scandal In A Brixton Market A2 Madame Straggae A3 Stupid Married Man A4 Tammering A5 Have Mercy A6 Night Cricket  Side B:  B1 Run Powell Run B2 Teddy Bear B3 Mr. Soul B4 Woke Up This Morning B5 Babylon B6 Stop The War In Vietnam Prix €

Pissed and Proud
miniature LPRRS_070
Formed in 1978 in the sleepy Brighton suburb of Peacehaven, Peter & The Test Tube Babies are one of the most legendary bands of the first wave of UK Oi! and punk. Known for their sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and explosive live show, the band has been rocking stages for nearly 4 decades and are still going strong. Pissed & Proud, originally released in 1982, is their debut full-length album. They had previously released numerous singles and compilation tracks, but this live album - recorded in Hammersmith, Wood Green, and their original stomping ground, Brighton  - was their biggest release yet. Not many bands debut with a live album, but for Peter & The Test Tube Babies, who were at that point legends for their live show, it made perfect sense. Essential UK Oi! reissued on vinyl, enjoy P&TTTB at their rawest, wryest best. Side A: A1 Moped Lads A2 Banned From The Pubs A3 Elvis Is Dead A4 Up Yer Bum A5 Smash 'N' Grab Raid A6 Run Like Hell A7 Shitstirrer  Side B: B1 Intensive Care B2 Keep Britain Untidy B3 Transvestite B4 Maniac B5 Disco B6 Leader Of The Gang Prix €

Cry for Help
miniature LPRRS_075
LA death rock originators Super Heroines may not be a household name now, but they were on the cutting edge of a variety of different scenes in the early 1980s. Band leader Eva O was simultaneously a member of Christian Death starting with their legendary debut, Only Theatre Of Pain, and worked with husband Rozz Williams in his later group, Shadow Project, until his untimely demise by his own hand in 1998. Meanwhile bassist Jill Emery went on to play with such divergent groups as Hole and Mazzy Star, and drummer Steven Darrow played in pre-Guns N' Roses group Hollywood Rose with Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin. All of this is to show that the band had a huge mark of the LA scene, not to imply they are just a footnote. This, their first album was originally released in 1982, and is undoubtedly one of the finest examples of the LA death rock scene. Reissued in a numbered limited edition press with printed innersleeve for Record Store Day 2017. Side A:  A1 The Beast A2 Cry For Help A3 Convicts A4 Super Heroine Theme  Side B:  B1 I'm Not Here B2 Red B3 Remember To Die B4 Black Wedding B5 Blue Blood B6 Run From Reality Prix €

Soul That Save
miniature LPRRS_076
LA death rock originators Super Heroines may not be a household name now, but they were on the cutting edge of a variety of different scenes in the early 1980s. Band leader Eva O was simultaneously a member of Christian Death starting with their legendary debut, Only Theatre Of Pain, and worked with husband Rozz Williams in his later group, Shadow Project, until his untimely demise by his own hand in 1998. Meanwhile bassist Jill Emery went on to play with such divergent groups as Hole and Mazzy Star, and drummer Steven Darrow played in pre-Guns N' Roses group Hollywood Rose with Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin. All of this is to show that the band had a huge mark of the LA scene, not to imply they are just a footnote. Their second album, Souls That Save, came out in 1983 and would be their last record for nearly 10 years. Produced by Kaleidoscope’s Chris Darrow, whose son was the drummer, the album picked up right where Cry For Help left off, with more classic ‘80s LA death rock. Reissued in a numbered limited edition press with printed innersleeve for Record Store Day 2017.  Side A:  A1 Take A Trip A2 Stripped Of My Love A3 A War To Fight A4 Levels Of Rage  Side B: B1 Seven Years B2 Life Goes On B3 Boneyard Sky B4 B.T. Lie Prix €

Nouveauté 20/07/2017
Charles MINGUS
Newport Rebels
miniature LPCRN_16030
Vinyl 180 gram+MP3 Download Code - CHARLES MINGUS / MAX ROACH / ERIC DOLPHY / ROY ELDRIDGE / JO JONES Led by Charles Mingus and Max Roach, this 1960 recording was made, in some regard, in protest. Growing increasingly annoyed by the booking policy of the Newport Jazz Festival, which he found to be too conservative and lacking in foresight, Mingus formed this group with the such future leaning artists as Eric Dolphy and Max Roach, and the vocalist Abbey Lincoln. Recorded over only two sessions at New York’s Nola Penthouse Studios, this Newport Rebels group put together a fine piece of post-bop that, despite its rather bitter beginnings, deserves to be more well known. Reissued on 180 gram vinyl with download code. Side A:  A1 Mysterious Blues A2 Cliff Walk  Side B:  B1 Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams B2 Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do B3 Me And You Prix €

Elmore JAMES
Blues After Hours
miniature LPRUM_2011133
Compiling singles originally released on the Flair label (a subsidiary of the legendary Modern label, known for making a star out of B.B. King, among others), this 1960 LP was released only two years before the death of electric bluesman Elmore James. One of the most important and influential slide guitarists and vocalists of the early electric blues era, James was born and raised in Richland, Mississippi before, like so many other blues legends, ending up in Chicago, performing in the legendary juke joints of the south side. A truly electric performance from one of the finest blues men of the era. Side A:  A1 Dust My Blues A2 Sunnyland A3 Mean And Evil A4 Dark And Dreary A5 Standing At The Crossroads  Side B:  B1 Happy Home B2 No Love In My Heart B3 Blues Before Sunrise B4 I Was A Fool B5 Goodbye Baby Prix €

Down and Out Blues
miniature LPRUM_2011136
Sonny Boy Williamson's debut album, originally released in 1959, combined many of his early singles into one complete package. Though he may not be as much of a household name as Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, or John Lee Hooker, Williamson is every bit an equal to his Chicago contemporaries. Featuring backing, in fact, from Waters, Otis Spann, and Willie Dixon, this is a truly essential piece of Chicago blues reissued on Rumble. Side A:  A1 Don't Start Me To Talkin' A2 I Don't Know A3 All My Love In Vain A4 The Key (To Your Door) A5 Keep It To Yourself A6 Dissatisfied  Side B:  B1 Fattening Frogs For Snakes B2 Wake Up Baby B3 Your Funeral And My Trial B4 "99" B5 Cross My Heart B6 Let Me Explain Prix €

The Jamaican Singles
miniature LPDNM_14005
The very first recording session by Bob Marley, long before he became the international icon of pop culture we all love and remember, took place at Federal Studios in Kingston, Jamaica for local music producer Leslie Kong in February 1962. Two singles were released from that session both on the Beverley’s label, the first credited to Robert Marley and the second to Bobby Martell. Both are collected here on this limited edition vinyl 10”. Side A: A1 Judge Not, A2 Do You Still Love Me? Side B: B1 One Cup Of Coffee Prix €

He’s a Rebel
miniature LPCRN_16001
Vinyl 180 gram+MP3 Download Code - Released on the heels of the immortal hit title track which went to #1 on the charts in 1962, He’s A Rebel is the second album from one of the greatest girl groups of all-time, The Crystals. Lead by legendary vocalist Darlene Love, and produced by Phil Spector, this record IS the sound of baby boomer teenagers. Nobody alive in the early 60s could avoid the infectious dance pop of The Crystals and the sound has held up and been emulated by retro-girl-groups for decades since. But nothing can top Phil Spector and The Crystals. Essential early 60s pop reissued on 180 gram LP with deluxe jacket, two bonus tracks, and a download card. Side A: A1 He's A Rebel A2 Uptown A3 Another Country - Another World A4 Frankenstein Twist A5 Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby A6 He's Sure The Boy I Love A7 Da Doo Ron Ron* Side B: B1 There's No Other (Like My Baby) B2 On Broadway B3 What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen B4 No One Ever Tells You B5 He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss) B6 I Love You Eddie B7 Then He Kissed Me* *bonus track Prix €

miniature LPCRN_16002
Vinyl 180 gram+MP3 Download Code - JAMES BROWN & THE FAMOUS FLAMES The 3rd studio album from James Brown and The Famous Flames, originally released in 1960. Though the title track was a cover of The “5” Royales, it’s guaranteed that James Brown is who everyone on the planet now associates the song with. Absolutely essential early R&B from the Godfather himself, The Hardest Working Man in Show Business. Reissued on 180 gram LP with deluxe jacket, two bonus tracks, and a download card. Side A: A1 Think A2 Good Good Lovin' A3 Wonder When You're Coming Home A4 I'll Go Crazy A5 This Old Heart A6 I Know It's True A7 Can't Be The Same*  Side B: B1 Bewildered B2 I'll Never Let You Go B3 You've Got The Power B4 If You Want Me B5 Baby, You're All Right B6 So Long B7 Messin' With The Blues *bonus track Prix €

Her Name is Erma
miniature LPCRN_16003
Vinyl 180 gram+MP3 Download Code - Erma Franklin was born in 1938 in Shelby, MS, but was raised - with her sisters, Aretha and Carolyn - in Detroit, MI. The son of the legendary preacher, gospel musician, and civil rights activist Rev. C.L. Franklin, Erma grew up singing in the church, like so many other R&B and soul greats of the time. After recording backing vocals with her sister, Erma got the chance in 1962 to cut her debut LP. Though she would only record one more LP and retire from music entirely in the 1970s, this debut shows a singer just as talented as her more famous sister. A husky, soul belter of a voice is showcased here, with all the tracks from the original LP plus MORE! Reissued on 180 gram vinyl with download code. Side A:  1 Hello Again 2 Ev'rytime We Say Goodbye 3 What Kind Of Girl (Do You Think I Am) 4 Don't Blame Me 5 Detour Ahead 6 Time After Time 7 I Don't Want No Mama's Boy*  Side B:  1 It's Over 2 Never Let Me Go 3 Each Night I Cry 4 Saving My Love For you 5 Pledging My Love 6 The Man I Love 7 Have You Ever Heard The Blues* *bonus tracks Prix €

Late Date With
miniature LPCRN_16005
Vinyl 180 gram+MP3 Download Code - Probably the best and most popular female artist of the 1950s jump blues and R&B scene, Ruth Brown was a powerhouse vocalist, and Late Date With Ruth Brown is a perfect example of her husky, smokey, raunchy presence. Before Aretha and Wilson, even before Ray, Ruth Brown was the R&B star of Atlantic Records (there's a reason Atlantic was often referred to as "the house that Ruth built", a nod to another NYC institution, Yankee Stadium). Essential 1950s R&B from a absolute legend, reissued on 180 gram vinyl with download code. Side A:  A1 It Could Happen To You A2 Why Don't You Do Right A3 Bewitched A4 I'm Just A Lucky So And So A5 I Can Dream, Can't I A6 You And The Night And The Music  Side B:  B1 You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To B2 We'll Be Together Again B3 I'm Beginning To See The Light B4 I Loves You Porgy B5 No One Ever Tells You B6 Let's Face The Music And Dance Prix €

Doin’ the Hully Gully
miniature LPCRN_16006
Vinyl 180 gram+MP3 Download Code - Los Angeles high school buddies, The Olympics, first hit it big in 1958 with the classic single, "Western Movies". Soon after that they started a dance craze with "(Baby) Hully Gully", the inspiration for the title of this LP. "Big Boy Pete" was also a big single and a huge influence on pacific northwest garage rock group, The Kingsmen. Included here are many of those classic early singles, with bonus tracks, on 180 gram vinyl with a download code. Side A: A1 Baby Hully Gully A2 Big Boy Pete A3 Stay Away From Joe A4 The Slop A5 Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha* A6 Hoochie Coochie Coo*  Side B:  B1 What'd I Say B2 Boo-Dee Green B3 Private Eye B4 Dodge City B5 The Stomp* B6 Pony Time* B7 Party Pooper* *bonus tracks Prix €

I Don’t Want no Part Time Love. The Early Years Of Wilson PICKETT
miniature LPCRN_16010
Vinyl 180 gram+MP3 Download Code - Featuring some of his earliest recordings out of Detroit with The Falcons, and very early solo material, this collection shows the legend of soul music when he was just getting started. Though these are early recordings, Pickett’s voice is fully formed and some of these tracks are the equals of later hits like “In The Midnight Hour”, and “Ninety-Nine and a Half”. If you’re a fan of American soul music, this collection is absolutely necessary. Reissued on 180 gram LP with deluxe jacket, and a download card. Side A:  1 Pow You're In Love 2 Feels Good 3 Billy the Kid 4 You're on My Mind 5 Anna 6 I Don't Want No Part Time Love 7 What to Do 8 I Ain't No Crying Man  Side B:  1 I Found A Love 2 Swim 3 Short and Nappy 4 Skinny Girl 5 Lah Tee Lah Tah 6 Darling 7 Let's Kiss and Make Up 8 Take This Love I Got Prix €

Modern Sounds in country and Western Music
miniature LPRUM_2011102
1962's Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music is regarded by many as Ray Charles' finest studio album. A departure from his earlier work for ABC and Atlantic, this LP features Charles' reworkings of country standards in his inimitable pop-R&B style. In addition to being a damn fine album, it was also a landmark release as it bridged the racial divide between country music and R&B and also marked one of the earliest albums where a black artist had complete creative and production control over their own recordings. A truly monumental piece of 20th century American music history, one that is essential to any collector of R&B or country! Side 1: 1. BYE BYE, LOVE 2. YOU DON’T KNOW ME 3. HALF AS MUCH  4. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT HURTS 5. JUST A LITTLE LOVIN’  6. BORN TO LOSE Side 2: 1. WORRIED MIND  2. IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE NOW  3. YOU WIN AGAIN  4. CARELESS LOVE  5. I CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU 6. HEY, GOOD LOOKIN’ Prix €

Twist Uptown
miniature LPRUM_2011132
Originally released in 1962, Twist Uptown, is the first LP from The Crystals, released on the heels of their singles chart successes with "Uptown" and "There's No Other (Like My Baby)". Produced by Phil Spector and featuring numerous tunes from the legendary Brill Building team of Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann, Twist Uptown is the epitome of the early 60s teenage sound. The LP also includes the original version of "On Broadway" which would be a massive hit for The Drifters the following year. Essential 60s American pop R&B from the master. Side A: A1 Uptown A2 Another Country – Another World A3 Frankenstein Twist A4 Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby A5 Please Hurt Me  Side B: B1 There's No Other (Like My Baby) B2 On Broadway B3 What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen B4 No One Ever Tells You B5 Gee Whiz Look At His Eyes (Twist) B6 I Love You Eddie Prix €

Nouveauté 13/07/2017
From Beethoven to Present - The Sound of the Horn
miniature SM_268
(1 CD)
Mischa Greul feels connected to the Horn Trio by Johannes Brahms in many ways. As a little boy, he used to be quite at home in the Brahmshaus, which was Brahms’s place of residence in Rüschlikon at Lake Zurich in the summer of 1874. During his childhood, it was where his grandparents lived, and their pride in living in such a historic house was passed on to him. Before becoming a member of the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra, he lived in Baden-Baden where Brahms composed his Opus 40, which has become a constant part of Mischa Greul’s repertoire. Beethoven’s Opus 17 sonata for piano and horn could be interpreted as the dialogue of a married couple. Schumann‘s Adagio and Allegro Opus 70 is all about the fusion of sound. For many horn players it is considered a unique jewel of the horn repertoire. The Air for solo horn by Jörg Widmann is Greul’s latest discovery, according to the composer a “piece of nature about closeness and distance”. Prix €

Avec Discretion
miniature CDX_71602
(1 CD)
In its complexity and individuality, Johann Jacob Froberger´s oeuvre represents one of the greatest treasures of 17th-century harpsichord repertoire. For this recording, Anne Marie Dragosits have concentrated on Froberger´s lyrical side, with a strong tendency towards the French taste; however, as „postcards“ from his southern travels, three toccatas and a set of variations written in the Italian style are also included. Anne Marie Dragosits was born in Tyrol. After studying with Wolfgang Glüxam, Tini Mathot and Ton Koopman, she performed with renowned ensembles like vivante, braucco and the Munich Baroque Soloists all over Europe. Her special passion is the intense study of historical harpsichords. ( Anne Marie Dragosits plays a Cembalo, made 1658 by Girolamo de Zentis 1 Toccata in e (FbWV 111) 3'19 Suite in e (FbWV 607) 9'40'' 2 Allemande 4'35 3 Gigue 1'25 4 Courante 0'57 5 Sarabande 2'42 Suite in a (FbWV 630) 8'52'' 6 Plaincte faite à Londres pour passer la Melancholie 3'31 7 Courante 1'07 8 Sarabande 3'03 9 Gigue 1'11 10 Toccata in G (FbWV 107) 2'20'' „auff die Mayerin“ (FbWV 606) 11 Prima Partita | Seconda Partita | Terza Partita | Quarta Partita | Quinta Partita | 6.ta Partita: Grammatica | Courante sopra Mayrin | Double | Saraband sopra Mayrin 10'48 Suite in d (FbWV 613) 8'49'' 12 Allemande faite pur remercier Monsieur le Marquis de Termes pour les faveurs et bien faits de luy recües à Paris 3'21 13 Courante 1'17 14 Sarabande 2'16 15 Gigue, nomèe la rusèe Mazarinique 1'55 Suite in C (FbWV 612) 11'40'' 16 Lamento per la dolorosa perdita della Real Maestà di Ferdinando IV. Rè de Romani 5'43 17 Courante 1'37 18 Gigue 1'16 19 Sarabande 3'04 20 Toccata in d (FbWV 102) 3'21'' 21 Méditation sur ma mort future (FbWV 620) 4'42'' Prix €

miniature SWM_042
(1 CD)
Shaukat HUSSAIN KHAN, vocal Vinod Vaishnav, tabla Liaquat Kha, sarangi Shishirchandra, harmonium Recorded 2004 at the Saptak Festival 1.Alap 2.Bada Khayal in Vilambit Ektaal (12 Beats) 3.Chotta Khayal in Madhya Teentaal (16 Beats) Prix €

Sayeeduddin DAGAR
Lineage of Dhrupad
miniature SWM_057
(1 CD)
Sayeeduddin DAGAR, vocal Aneesuddin Dagar, vocal and tanputra Nafisuddin Dagar, vocal and tanpura Uddhavrao Apegoankar, pakhawaj Recorded 2004 at the Saptak Festival 1.Raga Bhairav (Alap) 2.Raga Bhairav (Jor/ Jhalla) 3.Raga Bhairav (Dhrupad in Sadara (10 Beats)) 4.Raga Gunakali (Dhrupad in Tivra (7 Beats)) 5.Raga Komal Rishabh Asavari in (Sooltaal)10 Beats Prix €

Ustad Sultan KHAN and Ikram KHAN
miniature SWM_070
(1 CD)
Ustad SULTAN KHAN, sarangi Ikram Khan, sarangi Nandan Mehta, tabla Hanif Khan, tabla Recorded 2005 at the Saptak Festival 1.Alap 2.Gat in Rupak (7 beats) slow 3.Gat in Rupak (7 beats) moderate 4.Gat in Kaharva (8 beats) fast Prix €

miniature SWM_076
(1 CD)
Purbayan CHATTERJEE, sitar Subhankar Banerjee, tabla Recorded 2006 at Virtual Studios Raga Malgunji 1. Alap 2. Gat in Rupak 3. Gat in Drut Teentaal Raga Puriya 4. Alap 5. Gat in Vilambit Teentaal 6. Gat in Ektaal and Teentaal Prix €

Le Demon de Midi
miniature MM_239334
(2 CD)
Tous les sketches d’ Anne-Marie Carrière enfin réunis sur CD ! Française moyenne type comme elle aime à se définir, elle a marqué les esprits par son humour bon enfant. Les femmes chansonnières étant rares, elle a longtemps fait figure d’exception ! Dès le milieu des années 50, le public court l’applaudir et en redemande ! A écoutez sans modération ! CD1 : - : Les idiotes - : Les nouveaux séducteurs - : L’éléphant blanc - : Les femmes au volant - : Les doublures roses - : Un mari et l’autre - : Parler c’est la santé - : Harmonie conjugale - : Mi-Corneille mi-Feydeau - : Assurance fidélité - : Simone Bidasse - : Les hommes qu’on affiche - CD2 : - : Le démon de midi (L’homme de 50 ans) - : Pas le physique - : Le cochon insomniaque - : Le bourgeois révolutionnaire - : Le disque sur mesure - : Votez Carrière - : Futées idiotes - : Scandales troués - : Secrets de tirelire - : Le guide de l’homme - : Le gauchiste - En duo avec Jean Amadou : Super Marchais Prix €

Chante Paris
miniature MM_398134
(1 CD)
Comme nul autre, le French Troubadour Jean Sablon, ambassadeur par excellence de la chanson française à travers le monde, a représenté Paris et la France sur tous les continents, et enregistré des dizaines de chansons inoubliables sur la capitale française. Les voici réunies ici, avec en, bonus, un duo inédit avec Jacqueline François, "Mademoiselle de Paris", retrouvé spécialement pour l’occasion ! - La chanson de Paris  - Avril à Paris  - Paris, tu n’as pas changé  - Rendez-vous sous la pluie  - Sur les quais du vieux Paris  - Ciel de Paris  - J’ai deux amours (Two Loves Have I)  - Rendez-vous time in Paree  - The Song from Moulin-Rouge  - Arbres de Paris  - Depuis que je suis à Paris  - Pigalle  - Sur le pavé de Paris  - Paris wWakes Up And Smiles  - Puisque vous partez en voyage  - La chanson des rues  - C’est le printemps  - Utrillo  - Et Mimi  - Et nous  - Praline  - Syracuse  - Quand Paris  - Thé pour deux  - Merci à vous Prix €

Nouveautés 05/07/2017
Marcel MERKES - Paulette MERVAL
50 ans d’Operettes
miniature MM_170734
(1 DVD)
Découvrez notre documentaire unique consacré au couple de légende Paulette MERVAL et Marcel MERKES, les plus grands amoureux du théâtre lyrique ! Les plus grandes opérettes, tous les succès dans des séquences inédites, agrémentées d’interviews, de confidences rares, de bonus… Avec 50 minutes d’airs d’opérettes supplémentaires avec Paulette et Marcel, en hommage à leurs 50 ans de carrière ! D’émouvants témoignages d’ Alain Merkès, fils du couple, ainsi que d’ Olivia Merkès, leur petite-fille ! Avec la participation exceptionnelle de Charles Aznavour et Danièle Gilbert ! Les plus grands airs d’opérettes et de comédies musicales Rêve de valse – Violettes Impériales – Annie du Far-West – Les Amants de Venise – Les Amours de Don Juan – Trois de la Marine – Michel Strogoff – Vienne chante et danse – Douchka – Princesse Czardas – Le Comte de Luxembourg – La Veuve Joyeuse – L’Auberge du Cheval Blanc – A la Jamaïque – No, no, Nanette – Can-Can – Valses de Vienne – Les Saltimbanques – Véronique – Le Pays du Sourire – Méditerranée – My Fair Lady – West Side Story – Carrousel – Oklahoma – La Mélodie du bonheur – Visa pour l’amour – Guys and Dolls … Prix €

100% Valses
miniature MM_395134
(4 CD)
Paul Bonneau et Le Grand Orchestre de Paris Johann Strauss, Emile Waldteufel, Franz Lehar, Charlie Chaplin mais aussi Henri Christiné, Francis Lopez, Charles Aznavour, Gilbert Bécaud ou Jacques Brel ! Dansez sur les plus belles valses viennoises ou populaires grâce au Grand Orchestre de Paris, sous la direction du chef Paul Bonneau ! Enregistrements originaux des années 50 entièrement restaurés ! CD1 : - : L’Or et l’argent - : Le Beau Danube bleu - : Aimer, boire et chanter - : Rêves de printemps - : Légendes de la Forêt Viennoise - : La Veuve Joyeuse - : Invitation à la valse - : Valse triste - : Valse des fleurs - : Je t’aime - : Les violettes - CD2 : - : Les roses blanches - : Mitsou - : Sur les vagues bleues - : Amoureuse - : Le petit cœur de Ninon - : Quand l’amour meurt - : Frou-frou - : La valse brune - : Fascination - : Reviens - : O Paris, gai séjour - : Valse de Rose-Marie - : C’est la saison d’amour - : Ah ! Quel soleil magnifique - : Heure exquise - : La bonne Auberge du Cheval Blanc - : Tout nous charme - : La Belle de Cadix - : Ville d’amour - : Rêve d’amour - : Sous les toits de Paris - : Un jour, mon prince viendra - : Que sera sera - : Moulin-Rouge - : Valse grise - : L’amour est un bouquet de violettes - CD3 : - : J’ai fait trois fois le tour du monde - : Tournez, tournez, qu’à la valse on se livre - : Pour un Marquis - : Rêve de valse, rêve d’un jour - : Ah ! Tais-toi, tu m’affoles - : Mon chant d’amour est une valse - : Rose de Noël - : Carrousel Waltz - : Valse de Marco-Polo - : Les enfants oubliés - : Gosses de Paris - : Nos belles années - : Musique magique - : Julie-la-Rousse - : La vieille musique - : Au printemps - : La fenêtre du monde - : La ronde de l’amour - : Jean-Marie de Pantin - : Le carillon - : Lover - : Deux petits chaussons - : Les mains du vent - : Tendresse - : Souviens-toi - CD4 : - : Tourbillon - : Valse hésitation - : Valse romantique - : Valse au clair de lune - : Sérénade viennoise - Titres bonus : La mer - : L’amour est dans ta rue - : Dans ma prairie - : Marion - : Une demoiselle sur une balançoire - : Monsieur Liszt - : Tom Pillibi - : Comme au premier jour - : La chasse aux papillons - : Carillon de Westminster - : Le chant du coq - : Marionnettes - : Vive les vacances - : Ping-pong - : Main dans la main - : Intermezzo - : Viens en Italie - : Belle - : Au bout du monde Prix €

Lucien LUPI
Le Baryton a la Voix d’Or
miniature MM_955234
(1 DVD)
Les plus grands succès de Lucien Lupi : Si tu partais - La chanson des blés d’or - Le crédo du paysan - La voix des chênes - Le cor - Le rêve passe - Ma cabane au Canada - Si tous les gars du monde - La fontaine endormie - Prière sans espoir - Les Gitans - Au fond des nuits - Le temps du muguet - Dansons mon amour (Hava Naguila) - Exodus - Merci (Asti) - Le bonheur - Plus bleu que tes yeux - Jolie maman chérie - Rien pour toi - Reviens … - Les opérettes : Ah ! Quel soleil magnifique (Oklahoma) - Mississippi "Ol’ Man River" (Show Boat) - De l’art, splendeur immortelle (Benvenuto Cellini) - J’ai fait trois fois le tour du monde (Les Cloches de Corneville) - Toison d’or (La Toison d’Or) - Un jour, tout un jour (Kiss me, Kate) - J’aurais voulu danser (My Fair Lady) - Jalousie (Chanson Gitane) - Sainte Russie (Balalaïka) - Chanson des conjurés (Le Prince de Madrid) - Pot-pourri (L’Auberge du Cheval Blanc) - Combien de nuits / America (West Side Story) - Ah ! Si j’étais riche (Un Violon sur le toit) - Thé pour deux (No no Nanette) - Avec les anges (Irma la Douce) - Méditerranée (Méditerranée) - C’est magnifique (Can-can) - C’est l’amour (Les Saltimbanques) … - Les émissions phares de la télévision : Années 50 : Rendez-vous avec - Les Télé-Chansons de Télé-Luxembourg - Les Joies de la vie - Réponse à l’œil - Trente-six chandelles - Cabaret du soir … - Années 60 : Télé-Dimanche - Années 70 : Dans le jardin de Franc-Nohain - Discorama - La Petite Kermesse aux Chansons - Aujourd’hui Madame - Cadet Rousselle - La Grande nuit de Vichy - Paris Club - Le Club du lundi … - Années 80 : Central Variétés … - Entre nous - Mémoire en fête … - Bonus : 30 minutes de bonus en chansons ! Séquences rares et chansons inédites ! - L’oiseau blessé - La reine du port - Les bandits - Le jour où la pluie viendra - La rose et l’amour - L’orage - L’écho des neiges - Le gardian Prix €

Symphony No.1 in D major
miniature WSLP_001
Wiener Symphoniker, Fabio LUISI, Vienna 2012. Side A : 1. Langsam, schleppend. Im Anfang sehr gemächlich 15:35 Side B : 2. Kräftig bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell 08:42 Side C : 3. Feierlich und gemessen, ohne zu schleppen 11:18 Side D : 4. Stürmisch bewegt 20:21 Total 0:55:57 The city of Vienna’s renowned orchestra proudly presents the first production of its own newly founded label "Wiener Symphoniker". This new label is planning to focus on respectable and programmatically well thought-out high-quality recording projects in response to a recording industry which is otherwise more and more focussed on individual stars and starlets. Prix €

Beware the Rat King
miniature MUS_11
(1 CD)
Ant Majora, guitar, vocals David Ayme, lead guitar Baptiste Collay, drums Valentin Chouaf, bass Eyestral est un groupe de Thrash Prog originaire de Rouen. Avec cet EP «Beware the Rat King», le groupe présente au public leurs technicités et leur univers Thrash Metal Progressif. METAL IMPACT 17/20 « Une tuerie dans tous les sens du terme qui ne fait pas de quartier, démonstra-tive mais pas boursouflée, et surtout, captivante de par sa volonté de rester agressive mais ciselée. » FRENCH METAL 16/20 Ce premier disque est une réussite, il n’est pas parfait mais il n’en reste pas moins très bon avec surtout des prises de risques pour apporter quelques chose qui se démarque de la majorité. Un bon exemple, à suivre de Thrash, rapide, varié, inspiré et sans concession. 1. Prismatic Moon 2. The Forest of Men 3. Bewae the Rat King 4. Shifted 5. Majora Family 6. Gloon at it’s Finest 7. Scavenger of Human Sorrow Prix €

La Victoria de la Vida ?
miniature MUS_12
(1 CD)
Alexis Munoz, guitar, voix, palmas Geoffroy Garraut, guitar Guillaume Poyet, bass Thibaud Fernel, drums, cajon, palmas Genre : Death Metal - Flamenco "Avec son album acoustique ¿La Victoria de la Vida?, le groupe Mez-cla revisite des titres de ses deux premiers disques dans un métissage entre flamenco et metal, pour embarquer l’auditeur dans un univers empreint de chaleur et de mélancolie." PAVILLON 666 15/20 "Mezcla vous invite à rejoindre l'Andalousie en quelques pas seulement..." SPIRIT OF METAL 15/20 "La Victoria de la Vida affirme la polyvalence de ses musiciens tout comme leur désir de création" YONNE MAG 18/20 "Il suffit juste d'écouter, confortablement installé, et de dégus-ter. Une pure révélation!" 1. Cuatro Dias, Quatro Noches 2. Seguiriya 3. Entre Oriente y Occidente 4. Los Doce Golpes 5. Sin Mirarme 6. Kaiowas (Sepultura Cover) 7. La Victoria de le Vida Prix €

Zappy MAX
Festival de Chansons Populaires
miniature MM_297434
(1 CD)
Zappy Max est toujours parmi nous et nous sommes heureux de partager cet hommage avec lui ! Grande vedette de Radio Luxembourg et des disques Festival dans les années 50, il a marqué à jamais l’histoire des ondes et du music-hall, notamment avec l’orchestre Jacques Hélian à la Libération ou avec l’accordéoniste André Verchuren un peu plus tard. Voici réunies quelques chansons pleines de vie, de gaité, de drôlerie, indispensables pour être heureux et en bonne santé comme lui ! Quelle émotion pour nous de bavarder en 2017 avec une idole des années 40 et 50, aussi populaire que ZAPPY MAX ! Cela parait irréel tant les années ont passées et pourtant ZAPPY MAX est bien là devant nous, du haut de ses 95 ans ! Savoir tout faire - Conchito - Maître Corbeau - Ni pourquoi, ni comment - Voyage à Cuba - L’homme au complet blanc - Les cornichons - Miss Anna - Marche du Radio-Circus - Pierrot l’étourdi - Taliatouté - Lemmy Caution - La bise (Nouvelle danse de La Bise) - A Montparnasse - Bonbons, caramels - Le bouchon de la bouteille - Trompette musette - Révolution à Bagota - Tagada Western - Cloches Tyroliennes - Faites-moi confiance - Sans vous, c’est pas drôle - Mon scooter et moi - Au bar-tabac du coin - Becau’s Grisbi - Pam-Pou-Dé - Jo le cow-boy - Laisse tomber Johnny Prix €

Nouveauté 29/06/2017
La Voix la Plus Haute du Monde
miniature MM_987414
(1 DVD)
50e Anniversaire de sa disparition Extraits Vidéo : 1. Ciribiribin 2. LAKME Air des Clochettes 3. la Marche des Grenadiers 4. la Gitane et l'Oiseau 5. RIGOLETTO Air de Gilda 6. MIREILLE Duo de Magali avec Pierre Massé 7. LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR Air de la folie 8. Variations de Proch 9. HAMLET Air de la folie d'Ophélie 10. LE BARBIER DE SEVILLE Air de Rosine 11. LAKME Duo avec Michel Cadiou 12. MIREILLE Valse de l'hirondelle 13. le Rossignol d'Alabiev 14. Journal Télévisé avec Roberto Benzi 15. ROSE-MARIE Chant Indien 16. LAKME Air des Clochettes. Prix €

Tschaikowsky, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff, Rosenblatt
miniature SM_131
(1 CD)
SACD Sergey Dogadin, violon Alexander Maslov, piano - Alexander Rosenblatt, piano PETER ILJITSCH TSCHAIKOWSKI 01 Sérénade mélancolique op. 26 02 Valse-Scherzo op. 34 03 Mélodie op. 42 „Souvenir d‘un lieu cher“ SERGEI RACHMANINOW 04 Vocalise op. 34 Nr. 14 SERGEJ PROKOFJEW Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 1, f-minor op. 80 - 05 Andante assai 06 Allegro brusco 07 Andante 08 Allegrissimo - Andante assai, come prima ALEXANDER ROSENBLATT 09 Carmen Fantasy In 1988 Sergey Dogadin was born in St.Petersburg into a family of musicians. At the young age of 12 he already won well-known prizes in St. Petersburg and Paris. Sergey Dogadin is supported by the ministry for culture of the Russian federation and is awardee of the foundations ‚New Names’, the ‚C. Orbelian International Culture Exchange Foundation’ and the ‚Temirkanov Foundation’. The young artist has already acquired a vast experience of concert activities. He has toured in the USA, in Germany, Holland, England, France, Italy, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Turkey and in Switzerland. The titles Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowsky gives these three recorded compositions for violin and piano are actually a description of their contents. All three works originally were designed for violin and orchestra, but seem to convince more in their unadorned form for two. Prix €

Martina FILJAK
miniature SM_249
(1 CD)
Martina Filjak, piano J. S. Bach - transcription by F. Liszt 1 Prelude and Fugue in A minor 10:30 Robert Schumann Piano Sonata No. 1 op. 11 in f sharp minor 2 Introduzione: Un poco Adagio - Allegro vivace 12:40 3 Aria 03:20 4 Scherzo: Allegrissimo - intermezzo: Lento 05:00 5 Finale: Allegro, un poco maestoso 11:20 A. Scriabin Piano Sonata No.1, Op.6 in f minor 6 I. Allegro con fuoco 09:04 7 II. Adagio 04:52 8 III. Presto 03:22 9 IV. Funebre 05:29 One of the most exciting young artists to emerge in recent years, Martina Filjak is garnering international praise for her poetic passion and technical mastery at the keyboard as well as for her charismatic personality and magnetic stage presence. Martina Filjak came to international attention by winning the Gold Medal, the 1st prize and the Beethoven prize at the Cleveland International Piano Competition in 2009, which brought her numerous engagements in the United States and internationally. Prior to that, she won 1st prizes at the Maria Canals Piano Competition (Barcelona) and the Viotti Piano Competition (Vercelli), and was a laureate at the Busoni Piano Competition. In recent years, Ms Filjak has performed with esteemed orchestras including The Cleveland Orchestra, San Diego Symphony Orchestra, The Florida Orchestra, the Strasbourg Philharmonic, Barcelona Symphony, Bilbao Symphony and the Granada Symphony; the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie, the Staatskapelle Weimar; the Israel Chamber Orchestra as well as the Orchestre Symphonique de Nancy. Prix €

Piano Sonatas - Berg, Brahms
miniature SM_253
(1 CD)
Johannnes Brahms : Piano Sonata No. 3 In F Minor, Op. 5: 01 I. Allegro Maestoso 12:02 02 II. Andante Espressivo 12:51 03 III. Scherzo. Allegro Energico - Trio 5:11 04 IV. Intermezzo. Andante Molto 3:44 05 V. Finale. Allegro Moderato Ma Rubato 8:38 Alban Berg : Sonate fur Klavier Op.1 06 Massig Bewegt 14:20 Prix €

Orgue de LORRIS en Gatinais
miniature TRI_121
(1 CD)
MUSIQUES D'EUROPE du XIVeme siecle à nos jours Recorded novembre 2000 1. Estampie retrové Anonyme français (ca.1350) 2'21 (Robertsbridge codex) 2. "Le jour delan voudray joye mener" Guillaume DU FAY(c.1395-1474) 1'11 3-10. Huit danses de la Renaissance 7'55 11. The Lord of Salisbury his Pavin 3'03 (Parthenia 1613) Orlando GIBBONS (1583-1625) 12-14. Extraits du Manuscrit de Suzanne van SOLDT (1599) 6'04 15. Offertory upon "Felix Namque" 3'01 (British Museum). Thomas PRESTON (1493-1563) 16-21. "The Battle" William BYRD (1543-1623) 6'41 (My Ladye Nevells Booke 1591) 22. "Von der Fortuna werd'ich getrieben" Jan Pieter SWEELINCK (1562-1621) 3'01 23-29. Magnificat Primi Toni (1626) Jehan TITELOUZE (1563-1633) 10'05 30. A pavyan Master NEWMAN (XVIe) 1'51 31-35. Cinq gaillardes (1637) Girolamo FRESCOBALDI (1583-1643) 4'28 36. Canzon primi toni Hans Leo HASSLER (1564-1612) 2'16 37. Canzonetta en Sol Majeur Bux.W.171 Dieteric BUXTEHUDE (1637-1707) 2'10 38. "Le rossignol-en-amour" et double du rossignol François COUPERIN (1668-1733) 3'07 39. Sonata per Organo 4'20 Giovanni Battista PERGOLESE (1710-1736) 40. Berceuse sur deux notes qui cornent op.5 2'14 (1929) Jehan ALAIN (1911-1940) 41. Jeu de quartes 2'23 (à son ami Guillaume Du Fay) Jacques BERTHIER (1923-1994) Prix €

Laurine PHELUT
Collection Itim
miniature TRI_173
(1 CD)
Les pièces sont interprétées par laurine Phélut sur une guitare Dominique Delarue, et sur une guitare Matthew Wan pièce pour flûte et guitare, avec Aldo Baerten Recorded 2012 Vicente ASENCIO - Collectici Intim (extraits) 01 la Joia 2'58 02 la Frisança 3’12 Astor PIAZZOLA - Histoire du Tango (extrait) 03 Café 1900 7'34 Francisco TARREGA 04 Recuerdos de la Alhambra 6'08 David GRIMES - Islands 05 Mdina Gate 1'53 06 Manoa Falls 1’33 07 Ana Syros 0'52 08 Petite chanson de Ré 1'32 09 Akrotiri 1’16 Matilde SALVADOR - Hommage à Mistral 10 Preludi 3'36 11 Piani per Mireio 4'31 12 Farandola 2'30 David GRIMES - 8 préludes tirés des 24 Préludes à la mémoire de: 13 N-1 - Andres Segovia 0'57 14 N 3 - John Duarte 0'52 15 N 5- Dorothy de Goede 1’18 16 N 7 - Antonio Lauro 0'38 17 N 8 - Alexandre Tansman 1’01 18 N 9 - Francisco Tarrega 0'51 19 N 11 - Manuel Maria Ponce 1’06 20 N 16 - Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco 1’14 Jean-Sébastien BACH - Sonate BWV 1031 (Arr. Michael Langer) 21 Allegro moderato 3'41 22 Siciliana 2'02 23 Allegro 4'44 Vicente ASENCIO - Suite mystique 24 Getsemani 2'50 25 Dispo 6'46 26 Pemecostes 2'53 Anthony GIRARD - Des pas au dessus du vide 27 1er mouvement 1'51 28 2e mouvement 2'44 29 3e mouvemem 3'49 Total: 77'11 Prix €

Comme l’Echo d’un silence Divin - Suite Gregorienne
miniature TRI_183
(1 CD)
Francis AYLIES, chantre Recorded Janvier 2013 1 Ave Maria Châreau Grand-Puy-Lacoste 3'25 (Percussion – Piano) 2 Alleluia Domaine de Chevalier 4'02 (Hautbois – Piano) 3 Sicut Cervus 3'58 (Chantre) 4 Locus Iste Châreau Lajon-Rocher 4'06 (Violon – Alto) 5 Resurrexit Domaine de l'Eglise 4'58 (Violoncelle - Contrebasse) 6 Christus 2'31 (Chantre) 7 Requiem Châreau Condar 3'25( Soprano) 8 0 Redemptor Châreau L'Abbaye 8'42 (Flute) 9 Factus Est 5'37 (Chantre) 10 Cibavit Eos Châreau Haute-Sage 4'02 (Clarinette basse – Violoncelle) 11 Apostolorum Passio Petrus 7'49 (Trompette - Trombone – Vibraphone) 12 Impropères 5'43 (Chantre) 13 Gloria Châreau Gloria 3'31 (12 instruments) Prix €

 SAVOIE-Various Artists
A Travers la Savoie
miniature MM_239434
(1 CD)
Avec le Groupe Folklorique SABAUDIA de Thonon, Les SCIEURS DE LONG de Montriond, L'accordéoniste André VERCHUREN, Maurice de THOU et son Orchestre du Palais d'Hiver Recorded 1958-1960 Le chant du soir 3'27 Par un beau clair de lune 3'52 Derrière chez nous 2'43 Chère Eugénie 2'23 Là-haut sur la montagne 3'41 Adieu, ma charmante blonde 2'46 Que faites-vous bergère? 4'01 Le beau jour du tirage 1'35 Barcarolle rustique 1'24 La belle Louison 3'07 Grand Dieu 3'39 Les Allobroges 1'31 La mort du déserteur 2'55 Adieu vallons 3'28 Ma Madelon 2'22 Charmante Rosalie 2'56 Mon père avait cinq cents moutons 3'09 T'en souviens-tu Jeannette, ma mie? 3'26 La jeune Sylvie 2'56 Compagnon savoyard 2'35 Valse savoyarde 2'32 Echo savoyard 2'23 Polka des montagnes 2'30 Gâteau de Savoie 2'24 La valse des Alpes 2'31 Le petit ramoneur 2'31 Fleur de Chartreuse 2'23 Chanson de la Fete du Lac d'Annecy 2'31 Prix €

50 succes essentiels - 1941-1967
miniature MM_335734
(2 CD)
CD1 Le premier rendez-vous 3'17 Une charade 3'00 Au vent léger 2'53 Dans mon cœur 2'35 Les fleurs sont des mots d'amour 2'00 Adieu chérie 3'18 Je vous aime 3'12 Vous 3'09 Le temps d'y croire 2'18 Katia "II peut neiger" 3'04 L'amour m'emporte 2'55 Mais moi, je m'ennuie 3'05 Le temps d'aimer 3'00 L'étang 2'50 Que toi 2'50 Ballade irlandaise 2'53 Petite fleur 2'25 Je voudrais 2'07 Sophie 2'25 Monsieur Hans 3'51 Quand tu es parti 2'30 Le temps du muguet 2'12 Bonjour mon cœur 2'30 Chanson pour Margot 2'58 Les petits lapins 2'31 CD2 Garde moi la dernière danse 3'13 Tout bas 2'46 L'olivier 2'13 Laura 3'08 Printemps de Paris 2'56 Les voix du ciel 2'19 Toi 2'40 Pour toi, sans toi 2'50 Au ciel de juillet 2'58 Les sourires de Paris 2'20 Le jardin aux souvenirs 3'01 La chanson 2'14 En suivant notre amour 2'44 La chanson d'amour 3'01 Pour une amourette 2'40 Savoir aimer 3'00 Un moral de plomb 2'20 Te casse pas la tête 2'28 Petite de la rue 2'38 Des oiseaux 2'50 21. Sonata 3'24 Alors tu me dirais 2'19 Y' 0 pas d' croissonts 3'00 Pénélope 3'29 Pendant que les bateaux 2'39 Prix €

miniature SM_227
(1 CD)
Cecile Nordegg alias No-Ce. 1. L'illusion 2. Waldemar 3. Le Bonheur Est Qu'une Seconde 4. Illusions 5. Cabaret Paris 6. Comme Si Tu Etais Un Autre 7. Der Abschiedsbrief 8. Happiness T'aime Pas 10. One Plus One 11. Red Roses 12. Speak Low 13. Tu Es Le Sel De Ma Vie 14. Complainte De La Seine 15. Yes Sir 16. Illusionen 17. Cabaret Paris - Remix "Illusion" is a journey by songs through time, a journey through ancient and contemporary illusions, through yesterday and today. It is a compilation of German songs originally performed by Marlene Dietrich, Zarah Leander, Hildegard Knef and Alexandra; it also includes compositions by Kurt Weill. These revived songs are monologues of a woman who lives in a world of illusions. In order to break free from those false images, she generates new illusions and fantasies to travel in her own chosen world; a world of trilingual monologues that show various emotional states and sentiments, mirrored in subtle ways of expression and playing with the fine differences of the French, German and English language. Prix €

miniature SM_232
(1 CD)
1. Crazy In Love With You      2. Cool Babe      3. You Say You Loved Me      4. I'm Really Alive      5. Please Don't Tell Me      6. I'm Me      7. Summer Night      8. Havin' A Wonderful Winter      9. Mem'ries      10. Time To Leave You      11. Christmas Time      12. No Small Talk Please   Cecile Nordegg alias No-Ce. Prix €

Profession Comique
miniature MM_206934
(1 DVD)
Papa, Mamam, la Bonne et Moi Sequense : Les Sketches Sequense : Les Chansons Sequense : Les Poemes Sequense : Le Theatre Sequense : Les Interviews Prix €

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